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Classic Lash Extension

Elevate your lash artistry with BEFER's range of Premium Classic Eyelash Extensions. Our Premium Classic Eyelash Extensions pair perfectly with a wide range of eyelash extension tweezers and glue. Achieve a flawlessly natural look with our eyelash extensions' matte finish, ensuring seamless integration with your natural lashes. Enjoy intensified drama and depth with our ultra-dark black lashes, creating a striking and captivating effect. Our eyelash extensions feature foil backs, making removal a breeze and minimizing the risk of damage to your natural lashes. Choose from a range of diameters to tailor your lash look and achieve the desired thickness and volume. From 6mm to 15mm, our eyelash extensions offer versatility, allowing you to customize your lash design for a truly personalized look. Experience a beautifully maintained curl that withstands daily wear, ensuring your lashes stay gorgeously lifted and curled throughout the day. Unleash your lash potential with our exceptional professional eyelash extensions, carefully designed to deliver superior quality, versatility, and lasting beauty.




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