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Product News

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What are the differences between different Collections

Strip Lashes: Strip lashes are pre-made sets of lashes attached to a strip band. They are designed to be applied along the lash line using adhesive, providing instant volume and length to your natural lashes. Strip lashes are reusable and offer a quick and convenient way to enhance your eye makeup.

Lash Clusters: Lash clusters are small groups of individual lashes grouped together at the base. They can be applied in sections along the lash line to customize the desired volume and length. Lash clusters provide a more natural look compared to strip lashes and offer greater flexibility in achieving various styles.

Eyelash Extensions: Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic or natural fibers attached to each natural lash using adhesive. They are applied by a trained technician and offer a semi-permanent solution for longer, fuller lashes. Eyelash extensions provide a more dramatic and long-lasting effect compared to strip lashes and lash clusters.




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